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This is a baseball cap. Quite an ordinary one, without any club badge or commercial mark. It is made in China, and I bought it in Japan. Not that I am very interested in baseball, but there is a funny story connected to it, which I have told some people, but never written down before.

An evening in Kyoto I was walking along a street near the central railway station. Most shops were closed, and there were few other people around. One shop however was open, a special store for baseball gear. Knowing that baseball is big in Japan, I got the idea to enter and see if there was any interesting merchandise. Immediately I noted a cap with a big S on it, “S for Sven” I thought, “would like to have it!” But the guy in the shop refused! And he couldn’t speak one single word of English! So I went out to see if I could find anyone in the street who could speak English and was willing to help me, and by third try I found a girl who got back with me into the shop to interpret.

It turned out that those caps with club logos were for sale on special order only, and obviously the seller could not part with the only one he had for show. So with the help of the girl I asked if he had any cap at all that he could sell – and then he came up with a whole box of these white anonymous ones! Deal!

Not much of a salesman, eh? He could have tried himself to make me buy something else when he could not give what I wanted first?

But I met many helpful people during my visit to Japan. This shop guy was one of the few exceptions, I am glad to tell.

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August 10, 2008 at 17:01

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