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The Pickwhisky Papers

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Have you thought about this, how many great novels in English are about travelling? A recent example:  preparing for the final battle against the Dark Lord, Harry Potter and his two best friends have to visit various places in Britain to find some mysterious necessary objects. For Charles Dickens, when he took over the concept of the Pickwick Club which was already conceived by others, the right thing to do seemed to get the whole show moving. And when you are on the move, you need refreshments.

In The Pickwick Papers, published around 1835,  there are some fifty mentionings of brandy. Brandy is the category name of various liquors that are distilled from wine. Mr Pickwick and his friends and foes consume lots of this stuff at many places. There are also three mentionings of whisky, but mark well: no one of the active characters gets a single drop of it. It is only mentioned in some tales that are told by minor characters who occasionally show up.

It can be concluded that in England whisky was very little known, although precisely in those times the government was working hard to get a legislation of the whisky production which had been going on in Scotland for centuries.

Then what happened? In the second half of the 19th century the Phylloxera destroyed much of the vineyards in Europe, causing a shortage of wine. So whisky conquered England, and the world!

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January 15, 2010 at 23:28

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