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In past times, when I was going to travel somewhere, I used to do homework before, looking up facts, making day plans and such. Nowadays I don’t, because I have found that the surprises I get while touring are quite as interesting as the things I planned.
About Milan I knew that, like other cities of northern Italy, it has a great renaissance heritage. But I did not see Leonardo’s Cenacolo because you have to book your visit to it months in beforehand. Neither did I go inside the Duomo during the short time available between choir practice and concerts during the trip. The first morning I walked to the Giardini Pubblici just because it is a green space near our hotel, and close to it there was the modern art gallery, admission free, let’s go inside and check!
Inside there was Antonio Canova, neoclassic, not very modern one could say, but a great artist whom I knew only by name earlier, though I like neoclassicism very much.
The homework I do afterwards, following up the surprises. I found that Canova, though he spent all his life in Europe, has an interesting connection to the US. Read about it here!

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November 6, 2010 at 12:41

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