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Having read [slowly, during a long time] The Alexandria Quartet

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I will say something about what use you can have of reading good fiction. This series of novels by Lawrence Durrell is great of course, I hardly need to tell you that. The story is about the life of a limited circle of people who all know each other more or less, during a few years when they all live in the same city. Even though the narrator is an “I”, all of them on occasions step forward, taking the lead. There are even lots of quotations from an earlier novel which was never really written, because its author himself is a fictional character! After the last page of the last volume, I had a similar feeling as I have got from other great reading experiences, be it “Dombey and Son” or “The Da Vinci Code”, an insight which is harder to get from philosophy or psychology: Nothing is exactly what it looks like. There is always the possibility of another aspect that you cannot think of right now, but later may appear as the solution you missed.

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December 21, 2015 at 13:56

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